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Specifications for Floating Piers

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We use heavy-duty 6061 T6 structural aluminum welded. This process ensures the frame will be maintenance free for many years. This structure is designed to span distances up to 20 feet with minimum sag or sway. When the dock is installed properly, the framework does not touch the water except when the water level is extremely high. (This is the same metal specification that is used in salt water)

Floats are made of encapsulated styrofoam. The sytrofoam is injected into a heavy-duty, high-density, UV resistant, polyethylene covering making it long lasting, weather proof, and varmint proof. Floats are attached to the frame with galvanized bolts.

Encapsulated styrofoam float

The flooring is made of 2x8 .40 cca pressure treated lumber attached with stainless steel screws.

Galvanized pipe is driven into the ground at the shore and on each side of deck (weight anchors and cable-to-shore anchors can also be used).

Each cubic foot of float supports 50 pounds. For example, a pier with one 4'x 20' walkway and a 10'x12' deck made with four 4'x6' floats would support 5,600 lbs. less 600 lbs., the approximate weight of the pier. The total net weight capacity would be 5,000 lbs.

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